Genius hour so far has been a great experience where we can discover ourselves.  Aman and I have decided to make a various shoe models for athletes everywhere. The shoes name is Elite which stands for “A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category”. So far we have made two shoe designs a Basketball shoe called Elite kings and our athlete showing of the shoe is Derrick Rose, and for our Cleats athlete is Gareth bale who plays in the La Liga league and his cleats are called Elite Cobras. Our next design will be for Track and field and hopefully our athlete will be Usain Bolt. Our website is very successful it will show all of our shoes that we designed so far and many more will come. Also on the website we have an address for the store locations and the hours for the store. The websites name is Hopefully at the end of this project will be able to show off our shoe designs full ready and show a 3d model and give a pitch to the class to tell them why elite sports is going to be the number one shoe selling brand OUT THERE!!

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